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Author AsTimeFliesBy
Tags action author:astimefliesby best comeback jetpack rated return
Created 2010-12-27
Last Modified 2013-12-27
by 6 people.
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Description ~~EDIT~~ delete the exit and add this: !11^444,276,96,96!9^540,564,0,0,4,8,1,0,0
Have fun!!

wow. it's been a long time. two and a half years in fact. i just remembered this game several days ago and i checked this site, and looked back through some of my maps, even on my old account. i remembered the good times, and the bad. boy, how i have changed over the years. i can honestly say i'm more mature now, good lord. and i really regret wasting so much time playing this game. so i'm just dropping by for a while, but hopefully i wont be staying. if you're wondering where i was, well, i played a different stupid game for some time, but lately i've been enjoying something called life.

btw, are all those guys i used to know still here? xdude, mc_george, dejablue, brttrx, dlb, lord_day, atob, and whoever else. and can i change my name still? i dont like it anymore...

so anyways, i decided i'd make a map. i kept trying to incorporate some cool concept, but nothing worked for me. so finally i just made something and this is what i got. i think its a pretty good comeback map.

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I remember you

You were back in '07, too. But I left for 4 years. You were one of my favorite authors back then.


That was irritating. Nice map.
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I'm still here.


I suck at this.
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well, hello.

welcome back.


Welcome back!

*than mapping.
Hello. :)

Yahoozy is still around, much more foruming and IRCing that mapping.

That's a different mystro than maestro.

l_d IRCs occasionally and is a cool dude.

MacrossDreams hasn't been seen since '92.


i loved this, every little bit. we don't know each other, but enjoy your short return.


well i kinda remember you. wow so did all those guys leave? well are most of the the "big men" still here? like krusch, yahoozy... and i cant remember. all the well known guys?
@mystro: well i didnt wanna make it too fancy and i wanted to be consistent and i thought it fit nicely. btw are you the mystro im thinking of? just with your name changed? or are you someone else?

I remember.


About this map I dislike the gold pattern, other than that very nice...a more curvy gold patter would've been nice.


is still on irc, and atob more frequently than thought, he just doesn't partake in all the hoo-blub.
I like your maps, glad to have you back.

xdude: not really
, mc_george: no
, dejablue: no
brttrx: yes
, dlb: demonzlunch? no
lord_day: no
, atob: rarely


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