Rod's drunken fist

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Author fireburnsfree
Tags action author:fireburnsfree buddylee fbf fireburnscollabs rated
Created 2010-12-28
Last Modified 2010-12-28
by 21 people.
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Description Collab with The BuddyLee

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This is a really fun map which fluidly integrates all sorts of enemies in both closed and open areas which seamlessly transition from one to the other. Albeit challenging, it never feels overwhelmingly so (though I must admit, I haven't gotten around to completing it yet). All in all, I really liked it. 5/5

disabled? why?

bye, we will miss you, fireburnsfree. :(
I guess that's goodbye then. It's been fun.

"It's something that could easily be fixed in the next version of N, just like all the other glitches in the game."

Troll is trolly.
why should they deserve it? It's something that could easily be fixed in the next version of N, just like all the other glitches in the game. I use the jump key because it's in a very convenient spot, and if I tap it lightly at the beginning of a map I won't accidentally jump like -Jol-.
Players who use spacebar as their jump key will find that. Usually makes them mad. I say they deserve it for using the spacebar as their jump key.
-Jol- probably uses the spacebar to jump, which would mean when pressing the spacebar to start the map you would also end up jumping.


better than your usual standards.
Not sure what you mean. The player stands still, there's no stutter. If the player started 1 unit lower on the Y axis, then that would be a valid criticism.


the beginning is gay, because when you start, you jump

Faster AGD

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Demo Data
Yes, that's exactly the intended theme. We had a gauss overhead and gold below, but the map felt too invasive, lengthy, and needing personal space.

There's the possibility that the drones will follow you into that area, but it's still intended to be a bit easier. Thanks for the full review!
Then I pressed P. First jump, avoiding the chaingun, getting the gold and pressing the switch. Next jumps, getting into the rocket area. Thwumps are a great addition here, and the rocket launcher works really well. Mines are placed brilliantly. Then, next step, to the drone area. It was a real fun. Getting all the gold was an amazing experience. Then, entering the exit switch area... This was the only thing that felt a bit off from the rest. Maybe it was intended to be a "chillout" part... But I didn't like it. A few easy jumps and returning to the drone chamber. Cool dodges again, then back to the top and jump to the exit.

Brilliant tiles, surprisingly good gameplay... and the only weak part is the exit switch area.

Other than that, 4.5aved.

I loved every moment of this!