Two Quarters and a Heart Down

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Tags action author:zthing dancedance fob heart unrated zmap
Created 2010-12-31
Last Modified 2010-12-31
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Description Dance dance, we're falling apart to half time.

Dance dance.

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because that was the coolest part. I had to think a bit on when to activate the twump, and where to jump to make the laser fire out of my way. Awesome.

After the bottom part, the top minejumper-esque part was a lttle dull. But that's okay, because I loved the ending fall.

Oh, and 'nuther good song.

Really cool map. I really liked it. 5/5aved.
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It actually might be coming soon, I'm gonna start it before break ends. It's gonna take a while. Would you want to play test?

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Demo Data

Wanna collab for my final map?
I'm tired of getting sniped, so I'm done making maps.


Here's a demo if you need a little push in the right direction. The center area requires some finesse, but I'm sure it's nothing you can't handle
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