Subatomic Consciousness

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Author lsudny
Tags author:lsudny puzzle rated
Created 2010-12-31
Last Modified 2012-09-02
by 11 people.
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Description A puzzle from me. Not very mind-boggling, but it will take you a while. Don't look in edit mode please!

Hidden switches are indicated with repeating pattern - it's the only hint from me. It's 100% possible, cba to make a demo though.

Playtested by Sunset.

Have fun! :)

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i want to see

another map like this

It's good in some

places - but I actually think that many places were really frustrating to come around. Especially the ones in the end.
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Holy shit... you have no idea how hard my hands shook at the ending. After over two years I'm still surprised that no one took on the challenge... We'll, here it is. -20 underclock, third try.
Demo Data


I ceep havin the felling that this is gona be your first feature!!!


the tiles are a bit messy but quite solid in a wierd way
the puzzle is very well done and it is original
I like how the triggers are hidden. :D

4/5 and faved!

Looks genius.

Puzzle is nicely done. The gameplay stutters a bit with the roughness of the tiles. Overall it was great. 4/5
Detracts from the elegance of the puzzle...

battle of the top



what is this?

this is sublime. I first thought ehhh this wont be to good. then i saw it. 4.5/5

there should

be more maps like this one in numa!
everytime just this little maps made without love xD
this one is a symphony opus...this is art xD
I'm normally using NUMA's preview images, but the map data string was too long and it limited me too 6000 characters.