A Little Less Sixteen Candles

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Tags action author:zthing candles fob rated sixteen zmap
Created 2011-01-02
Last Modified 2011-01-02
by 5 people.
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Description She said, she said, she said

Why don't you just drop dead?

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Um, hello?

Nobody has noticed the Fall Out Boy references yet?

Jeez. Great song. Anyway, the chaingun was the perfect choice here. Maybe one more of the triangle things over to the left would have been nice for some cover while going for the gold. Loved getting the exit key. And upon many failed attempts to be a bad-ass and shoot straight into the exit chamber, I decided upon a more timid (and lame) approach.

Well-built. 4

I know.

I was inspired by them.

very nice level

very nice for its type. just the right amount of difficulty. 4.5 if i could
There are lots of routes here. Have fun exploring.
Demo Data

Fantastic Map!

Aesthetics: 2.5/2.5
The tileset was perfect, and blended in perfectly with the gameplay.

Gameplay: 2.5/2.5
The gameplay was excellent. The chaingun worked well with the spot you put the key in, making it a fun, yet very difficult challenge.
I give this map a 5/5.

Here's my almost complete fail demo:
Demo Data
Good job with that.