Cookie Monster Cave

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Author lsudny
Tags author:lsudny collab featured lsudnycollab miststalker06 rated
Created 2011-01-02
Last Modified 2012-09-02
by 22 people.
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This map was featured on 2011-05-01

Okay, I'll admit it. I stole the cookies from the cookie jar.

But he came looking for me. He tortured me.
I screamed in pain. His methods of torture were like none I had experienced before. My soul crumbled like the last biscuit in the packet.

His eyes stared deep into mine as I leaned against the rocky wall, and I could see just how mad he was. I tried to bribe him with Jaffa Cakes...

But nobody leaves Cookie Monster Cave.


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I played it.. again :P
why not, I said
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gorgeous map

I've always wished I could make this kind of level


Close calls. I've been looking though featured maps to find some featurable - style inspiration.
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good map, that additively pushes you to try for AGd.
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I have played this before.


Sud's got a feature!


was randomly flowy.
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but I thought it was a fun map with a cool theme. And the review was great too.
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Oh my wow!

Solid work. Minimum of enemies used to a maximal extent - thumbs up!

I'm jelous!!! :P



deserved feature 5aved

wow 3rd featured



Absolutely deserved. miststalker is an amazing playtester ^^
I'm going to have to liquidate you no--oh, wait... I guess it's kind of my feature, too!

This was a really great and fun collab! We should do something similar later on again! :)


I just woke up and saw this featured. I wasn't expecting this map, but thanks ChrisE!

Great Feature

This was a lot of fun. It had great gameplay and the tiles were very well done. 5aved.
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Is dead, 5 ninjas for all!
Who is Osama Bin Laden?

Good map


gratz on feature

damn dats ur 3rd one

dammit. Anymore features and you'll be ahead of me D:<


I really need to stop this image thing.

grats on the feature :]



3'd feature

Congrats. :#

i love this map

EXCEPT for the start. i hate it when the ninja starts in the air for no reason. it ruins the map for me


Aethetics: 2/2.5
The tiles were perfect, very sharp and out of place at some points, but it fitted in with the theme of the intended tileset so the tiles were excellent. The only problem was the location of all the objects, I understand that the mines contributed to the gameplay but it made it look like a messy cluster, and I had to look at the map for a good 5 seconds to udnerstand it. (That's jsut me though)
Gameplay: 2/2.5
The beginning for me was kind of slow, but I started to enjoy this map when the challenge of getting to the door kicked in. The rocket blended very well with the mines.
I give this map a 4/5
This is a 3rd try demo, I don't want to go for an AGD because that would take me too much effor
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I sead or ment that it's a bit hard for me to compleat it
but it's FUN to play!
I may have expresed myself wrong in that comment
you bouth did a great job with the map
oh and lsudny if.. no when I have time I'l tell you and we'l make a collab ok. ( I'm looking forward for that )

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It took me three years to make 100 maps.


you submit to my will!
you made another actionmap!
not as good as pastoral

O - and Lsudny

did the bounceblocks, too! At first we didn't have them in, but they really help you from falling. :)


I mainly did the tiles. Lsudny did the gold, mines and rocket (which is placed phenomenally) and then we kind of took turns on editing the objects and tiles. :)



yes! yes!

my 666th rate!