Please make more NReality NUMA.

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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese nreality rated
Created 2011-01-03
Last Modified 2011-01-03
by 15 people.
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Description //NReality//
I would love to see some new concepts, or even just a good use of a current one.
This map is just for a laugh, with a sprinkle of challenge. I'll make a harder version of this if you want.
Have fun everyone! :D

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mahi puts a huge effort on his maps, yeah. That's why everyone loves his maps. But some less-time-spent maps would be really funny, too.

Also, wow, Nacho! I've tried it and thought that route is impossible after 10 fails. You are really patient and talented, man!
By a few people.


I changed the right arrow key to my left, and vice versa, it made this so much easier.

Not an AGD.

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O.K. then. I thought the whole left changes to right, right to left thing was easy, but I guess it's just me.
I would like new or good uses of concepts, not just maps.
Thanks for the support everyone. :)

Same as karma.

Not my kinda thing.
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I laughed so hard. 5aved

Fast AGD

im the fastest until now^^
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didnt care to highscore submit this, since i see two others beat me when i submitted :}
i dont like the map, its confusing and annoying, but i like the sliding idea
and there are nreality maps, it's not a lost cause :/
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I'd like to see this with thwumps that move backwards.
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I think he is trying to explore a new concept stated in the description.

dont understand

how the mod made this map better.

sub-400 AGD

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Faster AGD

Damn, how i didn't see this route ^^

Non-cheated again.
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Faster AGD

Doorkey part is tough.
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It is, of course.

I was waiting for someone to pick it up. But if they want to cheat, they can. I don't mind. It's pretty obvious if they do anyway. :P


Simply changed the key configuration ;p

Nice idea, though.
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4,5/5 up

I loved the theme. There was a power-up in Midnight Club II (car race game) that reverses your opponent's steering.

But i think it's cheatable by changing keyboard controls (right to left, left to right).

Non-cheated AGD:
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I'd love to make one without being shouted at. :P

Amazing idea^^

I love this map.
I never seen that before.

Whoa . . .

Thanks. This is really cool.
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How do you upload maps to NReality? I sort of new to it.