06-1: N Factorial

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Author turtles
Tags author:turtles playable unrated
Created 2011-01-06
Last Modified 2011-01-06
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Description I really like this one a lot. I had a lot of trouble deciding which enemies to put where and I spent a while on the tileset (though it probably doesn't seem like it with such great tileset makers around). Anyway, take a crack at it, and show me an AGD.

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That demo was scary as heck. ahaha


Great level of difficulty and pretty fun. Slow AGD but I posted it because of the close calls at the end :#
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Not bad.

But you have better maps.


haha, true I guess.

I like the jump mechanics in the rocket room, some cool dodges are appropriate. :)
you have to work for an agd. :)


Kinda fun. The rocket room is disproportionately difficult compared to the gauss rooms, other than that its not bad.
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