Grrr, Sunset put too much gold in his map!!!!

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset gold unrated
Created 2011-01-06
Last Modified 2011-01-06
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Map Data

Description But then he realized no one cared.

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ok will do

i just dont really think im good enough tbh plus i love maps with loads of gold :P

Because fuck da police.

Why Sunset?

Why did Sunset put too much gold in his map?
I made it to resemble a cave-like structure.

The tileset is also pretty ugly. Teh crackedness isn't very welll done.

Rocket is overpowering. Should have been replaced with gauss. Drones don't seem to contribute to the map. the gold is ugly at places, making it look unprofessional.

I like gold.

.dlog ekil I

The gold is hot.

ZTHING, was high when he posted his comment. i like it :) faved.

Too much going on

between the hoards of gold, the rockets, the thwumps, and the drones. Maybe try replacing the center rocket with a gauss and axing the drones?

hush child

no such thing


that's okay.