01-3: The Clap

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Author mystro23
Tags 23 author:mystro23 mystro rated
Created 2011-01-08
Last Modified 2011-01-08
by 18 people.
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Description Clap on! []

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liked it.

i've come across this week. the launchpads, especially the second one are extremely terrible. the the rockets either did nothing or killed you at the same spot every time. the gauss "room" was really short and sparse, sapping away any tiny bit of atmosphere this map might of had.

either way i feel like you slapped this map together in 5 minutes without much fore- or after-thought.


Sniped. That sucks man.

Awful video.

Awesome map.


That launchpad causes some sweet bounces.
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faster agd

90.000 on the nose :D
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4/5 and faved
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