Noted Melody

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Author mauve
Tags action author:mauve rated
Created 2011-01-09
Last Modified 2011-01-09
by 6 people.
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Description It's a breeze in your hair. It's classic like fallen snow old like a wise man and fire in your heart.

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Thwump use.
Great Mine placement.
Great gold placement.
Great gameplay.
Maxed AGD I think.
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Stupid top thwump. >:O


Decent thwump use.

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The "incorrect number of characters before |" means there wasn't 713 characters. You need 713 because 31x23 (dimensions of board) is 713, and one character per tile. You had 712, so I threw in a 0 (blank tile) on the end.

This is great

Except when you didn't do anything on the top layer. I was actually considering featuring this up until that point.

About that sig

Yeah dude am still retracing my roots, i need still need to download a lot of stuff for the sigs and images again.

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Demo Data