Autumn In Silico

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine featured rated showdown
Created 2011-01-09
Last Modified 2011-01-09
by 33 people.
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Description this has one has a pretty interesting structure. as you make your way to the top you will have to face quite a few different threats. it's sweet and still easy overall. have fun.

This map was featured on 2011-02-05

Oh gosh. I have to write a review again. I completely forgot. But but, I have to go to the Yugioh sneak preview soon. Hmmm. Maybe I can totally BS something... this map is perfectly constructed and the thwumps are used effectively and, and... aaagh I cant think of anything else. No it can't be time to go. I'll just leave with a rhyme. "Autumn In Silico, play it... yo." — spudzalot

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a leap away from victory
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Ha nice review ;]

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Hooray for nevershine!


Oh wait.

I posted the wrong demo data :/ Ok sleep.
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Oh wait.

Mine is faster.. bahaha. Screw TheBlackLion Woooo! jk he's cool.


1 frame slower than TheBlackLion :/ Flawless map and entertaining review. Good combo. I will beat TheBlackLion :/
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Plays wonderfully

well deserved feature.

as for the review... well be thankful of what you came after >.>
and the map is used effectively.
The map is awesome. 5aved!

I remember yu-gi-oh


Rightful feature.

Absolutely feature-worthy, I'm glad this actually got featured now. Keep on your excellent work!

Agd (underclocked)

This map is really excellent, everything is so good calculated. Every fun patterns are fun to get, every enemies are fun to avoid. And make a good agd is really puzzlish. Mine isn't perfect however...
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I play SC2. Got it two weeks ago. : )



Cool map and review.

first try

very nice feature!
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great run there, sen. I'm also quite happy to see you're still around. :)


...or maybe sooner.
I'm reasonably proud of this, I guess.
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and even then it's still quite slow in parts :(
I'll try again another day ;)
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I love that seeker so much.


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Oh yeah.

5'd and fave'd and poorly demo'd.
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your welcome(:

have fun with my terrible tiles :P

riot []


probably the best map i've played in years
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Oh, rad.