Excavation Station

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Author Life247
Tags action author:life247 featured iloveonetiles laser rated rocket
Created 2011-01-09
Last Modified 2011-03-09
by 19 people.
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Description Cheatable, just the way I like 'em. Playtested by both Mr_Mongoose [] and ChrisE []. You both are my bros.

Also, I've decided to devote all my free time into learning how to design a NUMA for the upcoming release of N []. I'm sick of complaining, and I'm sick of complainers, so I'ma gonna do something about it. I hope I don't fail you. I'll also be taking suggestions and requests if I agree with them. Here's to a brighter tomorrow and all that jazz.

This map was featured on 2011-03-09

It's amazing just how much coverage two enemies can give you. With only a rocket and a laser, Life247 has created a playground where you will be chased, shot at and cut off... All at the same time. The mines and one ways limit your adventure, forcing you to dig out new routes each time.

Whether you came here for the gold or because the map looked interesting or just because it was featured, then you better take what you can before you try to get too much.

Whoever said "the more the merrier" obviously has never played Excavation Station.


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top left was too tricky for me. anyways, i realized after numerous tries i can't retile to save my life i've realized, you wanna do a straightforward collab?

Pretty cool.

I like the positioning of the laser.
I would probably give it a 3.5/5, but I don't wanna ruin your 5.


I don't mind this though. not great. but pretty solid
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and it would still be an awkward and largely uninspired map with hugely generic design.

No hard feelings at all. :p

Awwww, thanks guys!

All of you. <3

PS: atob, I made this map in about half an hour, which is very fast for me. But that doesn't mean I didn't playtest the shit out of it (and have others do the same). This might be one of those maps where you have to play it for a while in order to realize how awesome it is. And if that doesn't appeal to you, just have a narwhal spear you though your numb, lifeless heart.

No hard feelings? xoxo


Congrats on your 1st Featured!!!
too 5/5
Spent more time looking for ways to make it better than playing it.


not bad but i didn't find anything that made me want to play it again, even if it was actiony the first time.
Because it's just a sick rocket trail.

Btw gratz life, you deserved one :)
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Really nice map. Review was well put: diverse and unpredictable gameplay with but 2 enemies ^^ You sold it a bit harder than it is though.

Slow AGD:
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Happy First featured


Very nearly perfect. Ive never said that before.

Nice Map

Has the spirit of a real N map!

Gratz Life ^_^

Nice review.

Already had this faved.

if you would like a list of very well made action maps (lasers and circle tiles alone), I'd be happy to present you with one.
very lucidiumish map
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but this map really isn't that wonderful.

The coverage becomes frustrating rather than intelligent as the rocket stays on your tail as you try to navigate awkward transitions. Not much care has been taken beyond the foundation structure and placement of things.

It seems either too barren or far too tight.


Very fun

liked the combination of rocket and laser, though it was frustrating at times. Liked it.
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I loved this

So very much.


Aww man, romaniac got there first.
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