No Tarzan's Land

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Tags action author:zthing jungle rated tarzan vines zmap
Created 2011-01-10
Last Modified 2011-01-10
by 8 people.
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Description Time for a new jungle adventure

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Loved the chaingun.

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It kept me in the action of the map. 5/5 and faved!


gameplay is obvously more important than aesthetics, and the gameplay here is excellent...but I think it could be a bit more polished. But anyway, I like the precise movements and jumps that the vertical tunnels force, while always having to be quick because of the threat of the chaingun - an exciting combo.

And I believe that your iPod and mine are quite similar :D
plus the chaingun does a great job at keeping me busy all the time. very good!

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Please try to grab all of the gold pieces.
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