Don't be so melancholic.

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Author sayko
Tags author:sayko r1 rainydays rated
Created 2011-01-14
Last Modified 2011-01-14
by 7 people.
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Description There are much more days to live.

Entry for Rainy Days [] contest.

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all gold...
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the severe lag

makes the map easier. 3vto2.5^to3 :)
guess the map didnt fit the contest well enough if the rockets werent utilized. in the first cave, if the slant to the left of the ninja was a "1" piece instead, i would have had better flow there, o well. alright gameplay, the cave theme is good. would have liked more action. 3.5
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On the one hand I liked the challenging gameplay of this, on the other hand I disliked the tileset + unaesthetical object placement. 3.5 up.

Thwump's presence is for the contest.
But it you didn't like the place of it, it's completely my mistake ^^


Love the use of bounce blocks in smaller spaces, superb gold placement. Agree with comments about rockets but I suppose you needed to :(
Don't really like the thwump or the gausses in the middle of passages, completely superfluous, or was that part of the contest too?
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Awhh, Sayko.

<3 That made me smile. :)

Rockets could have been used better.
But I like it. 3.5^
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Oh sorry man.

I didn't realise it was for a contest. Apoligies.
The tiles also go well with it, too. 4/5 and faved!

I've had to put 5 rocket launchers because of the contest rules, and couldn't find better places for that much amount of them ^^

To many rockets.

Rendered most rockets useless.

Looked bad

played alright. Enemies could be put to more effective use, jumping elements were good. NR.
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