Race Around The Shrine (Hold Right)

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Author killerman
Tags author:killerman dda rated
Created 2005-12-09
by 38 people.
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Description Inspired maps are a rarity for me nowadays...

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you die....

i pressed right and i died anyway...whatever

I love this one

Especially when you run under the thwump 5 and favouritised


OBVIOUS BY NOW. it need not be said. geez


me to.


wait...if this used to be the top rated map and then dropped so suddenly in ranking after the last vote, i smell a rat.


i guess, i should have said press 1 before you start and hold right before you start as well.

oh, and

great map by the way, 5/5.

wow, killerman

could you have been more rude with that last comment? what samurai said is true. Guys, on DDA's this complex, sometimes you have to press 1 (start recording demo data) or else the level will not work, i don't know why, but sometimes it just happens. and killerman, just because you make good DDAs doesn't give you the right to insult people. Samurai did hold right, and he died because it just happens sometimes. If you want to be a valuable member of the community, be respectful and friendly, like wellsj, or formica.


ok samurai...if you are that uncoordinated just to hold right before you start until the end, heres a demo :)
Demo Data


good at beggining but ive tried like 10 times and i die every time...

great map.

came back because i was bored, and looked at the best dda's. i saw your ded to me also. thanks man. that moment at the bottem with the thwump was shocking, how n didnt die. keep on making dda's, and dont leave, someones gotta keep the standards up around here, (especially when it comes to dda's)




Maybe the longest dda ive ever played! Really good map! Deserves a perfect score.


Didn't work unless in debug though. Awesome, 5.5


How long did that take you? 5/5

Very nice!

5/5, very well done!

Nice map.

non-linear, slow enough that we can appreciate the cleverness as well as the close calls, general all-round goodness. 5/5


thanks for the comments.

Oh gosh,

This was great, definately your best so far.
Loved it.


one of the top 5 DDAs ever made. no doubt about it.

A very nice DDA...

Perfect length, nice amount of close calls, and nice use of unused space. 4.5/5
Hence the "(Hold right)" in the title.

Very, very nice map. Loved it.

how is this a dda

you die if you dont do die if you go left, you die if you go right. plz post a demo, then ill rate


Now that's a good DDA!