A miniture challenge of epic proportions.

Thumbnail of the map 'A miniture challenge of epic proportions.'

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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese nreality rated twc6
Created 2011-01-16
Last Modified 2011-01-16
by 13 people.
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Description //NReality//


Have fun everyone. :P

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Boomstick McShootington. My friend made you all a map. My friend also made my TWC map. Please make more NReality NUMA. Oops :P :P


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nice one XD 5aved

AGD. i had to zoom to 400x just to see the actual limbs of the ninja XP
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this is really nice, but i cant beat it


You've still 2 days for make a map for TWC7. Please make one, you can be in the top 3 and win an nice signature!

Round 6 results and Round 7 rules [] are finally posted.
Sorry for the delay and please take part at the last TWC round ;)

Okay then. Which sections? Putting mines in those areas to mark them might help.

Agreed with Z



5 aved
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Good luck at TWC.

Very good NReality map.


I can't edit it, so sorry. :P

Made me laugh.

It is fun.