Keep Them On The Straight And Narrow

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Author BuddyLee
Tags action author:buddylee featured puzzle rated
Created 2011-01-16
Last Modified 2011-01-16
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Use your stealth.

This map was featured on 2012-05-28

All of us should follow his advice.
Carefully choose our tools. With delicateness to develop our small relic.
Because every one of them should be like a little diamond.
Putting our best to do something memorable, noteworthy.
As an example we can take this map.
Thanks for showing us the way.zoasBE

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Demo Data

cool feature

6 tries




How did you do that.. ? O.o


Worked to perfection.

lol sunset

it's not the end of the world XD

although it's coming

One of the best*

And I now notice my mistake that I made late at night.


Great choice

This was on my list of maps to feature.

what the hell is up with those drones
He's one of the mappers here. Great feature!



Demo Data

Faster AGD

This is an excellent route!
Demo Data


Thanks for the demos! This highscoring could get really interesting once someone lets the drones move horizontally, then lures them back to the vertical later...
Demo Data

Hell yes

This could still be faster, probably.
Demo Data


Faster agd. This is way too fun!
Demo Data


Great stuff. I love the nifty drone mechanics, and I think you got the difficulty and the length just right.
Demo Data


Demo Data