The Sea

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Author sept
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Created 2011-01-17
Last Modified 2011-01-17
by 14 people.
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Description aaa

This map was featured on 2013-02-06

See how more than blest, o majesty, was she. Lo and yet behold her beauty forgotten so soon since when you chose her, she chose back. When she who was that which went away has gone then go. In blooming lies rose high the fires consuming -- the sky became awake with passion and a splendor cascaded throughout & lay down unto the night; the day your heart will break. But having lived not worse than here for love it was. To better fade, then burn.

She promised me the sea, and. — Aidiera

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Sub-1100 AGD

Man this is fun to demo!
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Pretty crazy how fun and open the left vertical sections feel - quality right there.
Demo Data
Ace map all around especially for hs/sr'ing
Demo Data

oh Eddy.


meandering AGD

open map
Demo Data


Fun map :D could have been sub-900
Demo Data

first try

Demo Data

Crazy demo, ska!


Demo Data


Not enough to really grab my attention.

Awesome map. The review itself gave me a bit of a headache though. Maybe I'm just in wrong century. :P
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Pretty good map

Pretty tame, unlike most of his maps (later ones anyway)

Great map,

Relaxing, and the review set expectations that enhanced the map.

AGD. Brilliant.
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slow agd
nice feature aids
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Demo Data


Demo Data
plus a bit of twist. like it. 4.

Demo Data

Oh, neat.