The Metalic Room

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Author the_me
Tags author:the_me nreality picture-map playermods race rated rocket
Created 2011-01-21
Last Modified 2011-01-26
by 7 people.
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Ded To jasdanu.

This is a race that uses Nreality. It Includes a picture map, a rocket mod and some player mods to make him go faster.

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I've got a race, full of enemies, flow, everything if you want it. Even picture idea


lol nice grammer
lasts so Quick.
Pity it lasts so quick.


Holy shit.

Heavy Metall!!!

like the teleporter

like the image

but the race is short

Here is my demo

Demo Data

Demo Data
cause then ill have to get a new picture in the discription and ill take too mush time using a new enemy.
Or I got suprisingly better suprisingly fast. AGD.
Demo Data

the picture

is kinda distracting

Picture = Win

I'd like it a tad longer, and the chainguns a tad unreliable, but it's pretty good as is, loaded with fast-paced action and a good re-use of routes. Well done. :)