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Author TheNCreator
Tags author:thencreator flow projectrace3 race rated timing weathered
Created 2011-01-22
Last Modified 2011-01-29
by 8 people.
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Description Erosion does weird shit.

Well I've been working through a lot of races almost until the end before I hate them and get rid of them. So I finaly made one that I like, acutally I really like it. So...yeah. BAM.

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Drone Problemos

you guys are doing 2 wall jumps at the beginning, first on the right wall, then on the left before the curve. I made this without the second jump, just letting the curve take me up. You can see that in my demo. That will let the drone be slightly ahead of you when you're hitting it now. Sorry bout that

Round 2 of project race is over. Round 3 is on now.

Really cool.

The mines in the top left part look very ugly, and that launchpad in bottom left is really bad. I liked the flow, though. Aesthetics could be better, but the race itself is a 3.5^ for me.

cool race

Am I going too quick or too slow?
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i always have to slow down for the bottom right drone because i keep on hitting him.

I love this race!


The mines

are there for a reason. cant have it be a piece of cake, even though its not really idfficult. and thanks!

the mines

in the top left were quite annoying though


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