Down Below

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Author TheNCreator
Tags author:thencreator flow race thencreator timing unrated
Created 2011-01-24
Last Modified 2011-01-24
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Map Data

Description The basic Idea is that the round things at the top are teh car wheel, and the openings from the top are manholes. Dont deny it. You've always wondered what were below those manholes. Well, now you know.

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Because all these races are amazing
Demo Data


the link didnt work this is just the adress

okay then,

ill do that if you whant, btw, <a href="">­ here a link to download NReality</a>

I would love to

but you would have to post it cause i dont have Nreality
I want to collab with you to make a picture map race.

You make the race, and i make the picture stuff on NReality, ill let you post it on NUMA.
Demo Data

You got it.

First I have to do Germany for Jeremoon, and than Spain for zoasBE (I think he asked for Spain, he said Espana)


I Changed around that first rocket and got rid of a few mines
This has extremely rough flow, the enemies don't always miss the ninja, and many of the objects are unnecessary and unaesthetic. 2

i am awesome

you can collab with me


here ya go
Demo Data