weight - 12 lbs; burrows to suck tree roots

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Author flagmyidol
Tags author:flagmyidol moa-reject rated
Created 2011-01-25
Last Modified 2011-01-25
by 6 people.
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Description First Saying of inne

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oh fuck

That's just what I needed.
Thank you for those words. They are the small dose of adrenaline that encourages me to start working a rainy Saturday.

so flag

the custom title i'd like is

User information for "Onesevennine"

can we make this happen


very helpful :D
but if i have an irc client, what do i need to know to connect?


well I've got all the flow done and everything, just wanted a different look to the map, if you were up for it




Normally i would give it a 4 because it's really enjoyable (also looks really good), but using of the floorguard and the thwump at the right are awesome, so gimme five!

Demo Data
and fun. This is how mapping should be.


for the comments spree. x

Yeah delete the gauss ... and then why bother playing the map?

There's a second thwump on the far left, which I'm guessing most of you didn't use. I put it there to make the gauss easier. If this map was a Zelda game, you all would



good minimal...and it is no less difficult.

i wish the thwumps were stopped sooner, so you couldnt use the ground...


gauss was frustrating. Cool concept/design, tho

fun fact: I spent the first ten attempts at this map trying to get over the floorguard from the starting position

did not work


Demo Data
can't really find anything else good with this map. I fucking hate that gauss, and I feel like you should delete it plainly. Seriously, do something about that shit. I'll give it a 3.

This is a personal favorite, I guess. Didn't put enough time into it to claim anything else.