Under the Waves (Softonic Edition)

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine lazor remix unrated
Created 2011-01-27
Last Modified 2011-06-16
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Description kind of a colder, more artificial version of my latest map. I really like the drone action going on here, plus there is much more open space for you to play with. and a lazzor, of course!

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great map, the enemies are super well balanced, chosen and placed. faved
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Faster agd-2

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Real good stuff.
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the two pieces being those beneath the exit.
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The gold beneath the exit broke the flow of the map somewhat, but otherwise this is pretty solid.
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I just think the laser makes for a more exceptional experience in the main room, especially together with those seekers.

i think

a rocket might be nice instead, if you haven't already considered that.


the map needs the laser quite a bit imo, since it's /the/ gameplay element which defines the middle area. thanks though!

i like

but i dont feel the need for the laser drone, it just stuffs the feel of the map.


I love the top part with the mines and the gauss. 4/5 and faved!
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