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Tags action author:zthing rated rocket rocketeer wayaway zmap
Created 2011-01-28
Last Modified 2011-01-28
by 9 people.
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Description <Somewhere new to start over>

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haha, okay

I got into Pendulum a few months ago when I started listening to DnB. Be sure to check out their older stuff, too!

you're kidding.

I mean, Pendulum is like my new favorite band right now! didn't know our tastes in music were /that/ similar! :o

(please let me know if you also adore Gorillaz. that would be pretty creepy)


Pretty fast, though I say so myself.

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Demo Data

Why yo-

Demo Data

First try.

5aved. loving this map.
Demo Data

I love it.

I love the rocket/zap drone combination.
I love the gameplay.
I love the tiles.
I love the aesthetics.
I love your maps.



I like where the rocket was placed. I also found the gameplay perfect! 5/5 and faved!
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fun and different
good drones

<Can you survive it>


<I guess we'll find out>
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I enjoyed the better half of this but getting that 1 piece of gold at the top right is annoying because the rocket can follow you and corner you...

oh this was good

i love you maps

Really great map

Dude, when did you get back? How ya' been?