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Author TheNCreator
Tags author:thencreator flow lasers race rated thencreator timing
Created 2011-01-29
Last Modified 2011-01-29
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description So for this map...

I hat Lasers. I cant stand them. but I decided to man up and use them in a race, just get em under my belt.

So this is just like a practice race, working on flow, lasers, the whole shabang. Also, I know the tileset is nothign great.

Tell me what you think!

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I know that much.

Here it is.

Marathon Man []

We should collab more.

Abit messy demo but still the map was good
Demo Data
First, good job with the lasers, since these where those you wanted to practice. But... THAT LEFT SIDE? Uhhhhh... didn't like... and as you can see in my demo i almost got killed for going too fast at the last laser... not good either. but all in all a good average race with a good flow. 3.5/5^ because i have a good day today ;)
Demo Data

good use of

the lazers, but the ninja kept going too slow.


thanks guys for all the feedback...much better than I expected hahaha

Now here's a good race. While the flow and aesthetics weren't the most amazing (but good), the lasers were great. It really felt as they were integrated into the map as it was made.
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cool race

thumpnail - 3.5
flow - 4
action - 4

sub 1k

with a route change
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Pretty nice

I like this style of race the most. The lasers were trivial difficulty-wise if you went fast enough though. Imo they still added thrill, which makes it better off to me, but other people around here enjoy the urgency of needing the timing right.


gj lad
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For a second I thought this was for round three of project race. It fits the theme well.
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You'll be a legend. 4/5 and faved!
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