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Author mahi_mahi
Tags action atob-inspired author:mahi_mahi featured rated
Created 2011-01-29
Last Modified 2011-01-29
by 11 people.
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Description maybe... just maybe... maybe i'll get just one rate on this map? or one comment? because five rates is out of the question. no-sir-ee

This map was featured on 2011-12-05

They're after you.
Eventually they will find your base, so you have to keep moving.

Your choice of path though... well, is it really unexpected to walk toward the enemy? Will they not see you?
Sometimes I just don't understand you. You could just run. Run for the hills, but sometimes facing your fears is the best policy...

Well, whatever happens, good luck. — ChrisE

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are bak to simplicity :D

why ?

numa goes offline or something evry evening, fuck i try to visit numa 20 times when im bored of 9gag


NUMA is back up again.
but maybe you'll get this map featured
it smells of high quality mahi. the uneven structure provided great gameplay. gauss was meh

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Yes, she is.

Demo Data
and i was all "what the hell man"

AGD-1. Nice zap drones.
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thats so horrible german
I to donĀ“t think that map means karte
I am amazing.
Oh well, the more the merrier right?

Have a fifth vote

Just to spite your description.


gameplay - 4
thumpnail - 4.5
Style - 4

Great map, doesnt look that hard, but it is.. Well... for me it is anyway. 4.


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This is simple, yet a challenge. You oxymoronic mapper.
I like the design too.