Head for the Barricades

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine launchpadmod rated
Created 2011-01-29
Last Modified 2011-01-31
by 6 people.
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Description uses modified launchpads.

besides, I know this is cheatable, but I don't care. just man up and go for all gold. :)

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5 all the way



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Would you mind playtesting something for me? [] Feel free to make any edits and corrections you want. Thanks in advance.


me and radium have re-made the riot channel and we are now getting more active again. all riot members are encouraged and obligated to be in the riot channel on IRC any time they are on IRC. they are also implored to be proactive in making maps and getting others within the group to be involved in the mappmaking process. we're pushing to submit maps at a relatively high rate and of the utmost quality.
godspeed, men.

-mahi ~co-founder~


I just started listening to pendulum a few days ago and now I'm hooked. I haven't really listed to Gorillaz, but I will definetely check them out!

that's cool.

a bit hard at times, but cool.

cheers guys! :)

by the way, I liked your last demo best, karma! No power to cheaters!

slow agd
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got interfered :(
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took your comment more like a challenge lol :D pretty fun map though, nice work
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Demo Data

thanks guys

@karma: I guess in this case it's easier to complete the map properly than cheating it..? anyways, I don't care. <3


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Demo Data

the map is cheatable, you can wall jump after passing the first downwards launchpad, but i died so i got tired of trying so no demo :]

nah it's allright

I think this room doesn't take too much skill at all if you're there before the laser closes up that gap.

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Move it up one square.


featurisch style thumpnail gameplay fun..
ItsĀ“almost perfect