Propane Nightmares

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Tags action author:zthing nightmares pendulum propane rated zmap
Created 2011-01-30
Last Modified 2011-01-30
by 13 people.
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Description Set your sights for the sun.

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skilled demo
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I love the usage and looks of bounceblocks. It lacked some action in the bottom sections, but it's worth a 4.5 from me.

but rounded down.

hey mate

awesome map :P yu should be proud of this map.


Used to be my fave song when i just got into DnB ;]
Yeah great map aswell.


only issue i have is the bottom left set of bounce blocks. i understand you were trying to keep to the theme, but it felt awkward. up until then it was beast. faved
I like this a lot
's gona get featured!
quite fun but frustrating as well

Fuck yeah

I love The Prodigy.

w00t Pendulum is awesome!!!

gleh. 4/5
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I <3 Pendulum.


the name reminds me of King of the Hill. Still, a very awesome map! 4/5 and faved!

It's ok.

Thanks for playing.

Ah, I see...

.-. maps with routes that aren't puzzles/races seem a bit strange to me.

heheh, not exactly

try my demo


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It is extremely enjoyable to all gold when done correctly. I promise.
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But it played and looked really nicely. I quite like it. 4


Sometimes the bounceblocks are annoying to pass through, with the laser and all.