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Author koipen
Tags action author:koipen city electri featured iv rated robot
Created 2011-01-30
Last Modified 2011-01-31
by 23 people.
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Description A new action by me! I rather like this one. The three seekers may not seem so troublesome at first, but once you're trapped at the top you may think differently. AGD isn't too much more difficult from completion.

And it looks like robot!

This map was featured on 2011-02-13

This isn't a robot. If there's an enemy that makes you feel like somebody's in the map with you, it's the unrestrained chaser drone. They may move according to simple rules, but unlike the rest of their robot kin these guys use the decidedly unsimple you to decide where to go producing an entropy that's difficult to use well.

This map is simple; that's obvious. The three blue octagons that parade the tower necessitate that. If there were any more frilly stuff you wouldn't have time to do the on-your-feet thinking that a good highscore here commands.


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Nice robot

cool gameplay
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A complete lack of respect from our staff is turning this place into a speech-free totalitarian no go zone for valid opinion and feedback.

no doubt, fastest highscore for shits and giggles
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I like

that it gives you just enough time to react, and it gives you some options for escape.

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Great map

I love dynamic drone paths.

I like the review

dislike the map. 2.5v.
i dunno why. they just look awesome.

4.5 up + faved

congrats koipen!!!!

lol atob



Really fun. The highscoring possibilities aren't obvious at first, but they're there. Sub-600 must be possible...scartch that, vankusss has already beaten me while I was writing this very comment :|
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Now I'm happy.
After 4 or 5 plays I felt let down by the map; every time I played it the drones followed the same pattern...

3.5 up.


agreed with your description :)
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This was feature-worthy. Yes!


Good AGD

Trying to get a good AGD really adds interest to the map. You have to be just slow enough and just fast enough in certain places... good mechanics
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I like the review

the map is okay, the drones work well but it feels as if it's missing something. bleh AGD
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your description was very accurate :P
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4/5 and faved!
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Gameplay could be more polished and it needed some tile aesthetics, but it was pretty solid. 3.5^ and faved

good drone mechanics and gameplay