01-0 King Arthur's Court

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Author ska
Tags arthur author:ska episodic featured king medieval myriads rated
Created 2011-01-31
Last Modified 2011-02-16
by 15 people.
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Description from my dronie nominated map pack: Medieval Myriads [].
playtested and requested for submission by the magnificent Life247 []. I thought I submitted this already... guess not.. anyway try out the pack if you haven't already, it's a blast!!

This map was featured on 2012-09-11

ska made this mappack called “Medieval Myriads” and I was the main organizer and playtester for it and I didn’t bother to finish reviewing it until two years later but the one thing I remember doing was playtesting and helping him edit this masterpiece which is easily the perfect metanet-esque example of a symmetry-based drone and gauss map and while I did contribute at last 40% of this map I don’t count it as a collaboration because then I wouldn’t be able to feature it.

In all seriousness, it’s an amazing map. I wish I could call it my own. — Aidiera

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I hope I'm not hurting your feelings - I really don't mean to offend you! If I come across as negative, I apologise in advance.
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kind of bland lol

oh well, maybe i'll try it again later

I'm sure there's plenty of challenge from a highscoring point of view, i.e. ska's point of view.
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But in fact provides absolutely no challenge


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...yes that was a wicked route romaniac!!...

...sub 300 top door Speed Run...
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Sic route remm ;)
Again I remembered how kick-ass this mappack was, props ska :D
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medieval myriads

one of the best packs ever.


Smooth as fuck route.
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...I did contribute at last 40% of this map I don’t count it as a collaboration because then I wouldn’t be able to feature it.

You're going crazy, anyway, great choice Aidiera!
And congrats ska, you deserve more as well!! ;)

sooooooooooooo easy, but nice tileset and object placement with the 4 doors.



186 frames
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193 frames
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That was a very precise and clinical run. Nice route, too...


brilliant map dude.
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i must have had that mind in my subconscious when i was making it, because it looks similar, although it plays differently.
nevermore map, ya know?
I want more gold more!! MOREE!!!! blah.. whatever
map felt avarage not to mutch goin on
and all that
3/5--> 4 :P cause of gold ;)
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keep submitting these, I loved the pack.


great map
I like classics

I loved this map.

I loved this pack.

Make more mappacks, please.