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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading rated sketchy sunset
Created 2011-02-03
Last Modified 2011-02-03
by 10 people.
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Description Hey again a new map I made and im back from my break. This is a ded to sunset who playtested the map and gave me the idea for the name. try and get all the gold it makes it more enjoyed. Looking for the fastest AGD!!

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4,5/5 up

Laser drone is thoroughly effective. It handles the gameplay while whole time.

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Awesome map!
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Oh hey.

glad to see you around.
it'll work wonders on your skills ;)

But seriously, glad you're back <3

atm? didn't even know the meaning.
i'll do the objects on sunday or monday i think.

hehe. np.^^

do it, but do it roundly.


I'm free for 45 minutes. :D

Mmm, sure.

I have a few minutes. 10, to be exact.

nah not now. im really tired and im off to bed. its 12 over here haha. just comment on one of my maps if you want, ill be up for it anytime :)

good enemy placement, but i feel like the tileset and its jagged parts took away from the overall map.

thanks. but its not my first n-art. just my first one i drew without something to get an idea off or anything. nothing to use an outline for or anything.

most of your maps rock but this is a map of a rusty mapper :3

I didn't enjoy this, the gold was too much in nooks and crannies. It just made grabbing the gold annoying and un-enjoyable.


Thanks man!

Slow AGD

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to that question. I would say that you should make maps that /you/ enjoy and make them to the best of your ability. Playtest them yourself and refine them, and then let someone else playtest and make suggestions. Then refine it some more. The higher quality your maps are in your own eyes, the higher quality they will be to someone else playing because they will know how much time and effort you put into it. I hope that helps.
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