Rise of the morning Glory

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Author BloodyMoonLike
Tags author:bloodymoonlike collab collaboration lsudnycollab rated therein
Created 2011-02-03
Last Modified 2011-02-05
by 7 people.
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Description Enjoy. :D
It's a collab between lsudny and myself.

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so much for that collab its a great map and jeremoon thinks its feature worthy :P must be gud lol. any thought for collab acc name?


ive talked to zthing so im waiting on a reply and if yu look on my homepage/profile page i have a load of pastebin maps for it name of acc??


yu look at this map yu just no its going to be outstanding which it is :P
change. my. nick. there. to. lsudny. all. lowercase.

and. tag. it. lsudnycollab.




means at the moment and ive done the tiles i LOVE them!!

yu may

want to tweek the tiles a bit but they are looking decent atm :P

np mate

im working on the tiles now having a bit of trouble deciding wat style to do my bad :(


to die for 5aved this is officially my 500th saved map!!!


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nice map...5
Demo Data


Demo Data

gameplay - 4
thumpnail - 4
style - 5