Granite [Celldweller Edition]

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Tags author:zthing episodic highscoring pendulum rated tough zmap
Created 2011-02-03
Last Modified 2011-02-03
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description You can hide your eyes
You can dim the lights
But they are watching


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mate haven't spoken to yu in ages!! how yu been


allright. what do you think of their older stuff?
I spent a while tweaking those drone patterns, believe it or not. And shine, sorry, but I'm addicted to them now. D:

i win _pai_mei_!!! go eat poisoned fish heads. []
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slower agd

Demo Data

2nd try

Didn't see the know how it goes.
Demo Data

Closer to max

(Ignoring Sunset's edited demo)
Demo Data

ah, pendulum again

nice one, I particularly liked the bottom part. the upper tiles were a bit flat imo.

I really like this.

The design is clean, and while it might not be the most inspired aesthetic the play is very sharp.


Faster agd

Still pretty dodgy in places.
This is a very good map: the seeker drones are excellent and the two sections are very well balanced.
Strong 4.
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I messed up the end somewhat, and I can't help feeling that this route is a bit slow.
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Demo Data

Demo Data

slightly faster

Demo Data

Sure about that?

Demo Data
Demo Data

map feels episodish

and it's good looking to.. you know old school like
4/5 could have lived without the gold in the bottom but it works I gues
I'll get one up eventually as well.