Blockwish Jumper

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Author tempaccount
Tags author:tempaccount custom-path jumper mines nreality rated rocky
Created 2011-02-03
Last Modified 2011-10-31
by 9 people.
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Description First map, for Blockwish []. NReality, took me quite a bit to figure out how to stop/start the pathed drone.


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I think it could have potential as a drone redirection sort of puzzle, getting the drone to activate the rotation path at certain times to benefit your movement around the level.

I know right?

They are very odd. They've definetly been here for a while, which might explain why he got the Reviewer role so quick. I was trying to write a halloweenesque sort of review, more a story than anything else. But it could easily be edited into a non-halloween review, focusing a bit more on the awesome concept.

Sounds perfect.

Maybe you could send me a demonstration, and I'll tinker with it, make a basic map etc?
So, in regards to the collab which I just remembered (stupid exams >___<), maybe something neat with triggers? I don't think a simple mod at the end would cut it.


so this is how it feels to be sniped.
Everything just meshes so perfectly. The gameplay. The aesthetics. Wow.

P.S Would you like to collab some time?

amazing map

it makes me angry, that this doesn't get much attention

Your first map.

I found this fun. 4/5 and faved!

Spoiler AGD

Slow run. It's not supposed to be hard, but YoSniper had trouble with it.
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