124-3: Hazards -- Giant Killer Fish

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Author cucumber_boy
Tags 10mm action author:cucumber_boy gkf kk playable rated
Created 2011-02-06
Last Modified 2011-02-06
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description GKF for short.

This map is a brief respite from intense studies. A very brief respite. 10mm

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Diggin' that gold.

The gameplay is cool too.

I fucked up the end

but you get the picture. We still love to play your maps
Demo Data

I found this pretty annoying, but yeah a decent map i guess.

I like this. It´s a great map

Oh man.

I have a smile on my face every time I see a new cucumber_boy map.

Foolish attempt

with the laser up top :( Almost AGD.
Demo Data

Hey kk!

I hope college is going well for you. Do try to stop by a bit more often though, this play is lonely without its favorite vegetable.

great map 5/5