Mad World.

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Author chaosraider
Tags author:chaosraider n-art unrated
Created 2011-02-07
Last Modified 2011-02-07
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Map Data

Description Whoever gets the reference is a legend.

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eh, kradda? Eddie Mandible. Eh L Rose Hillside moonlight. Rajjahajja.


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course sorry ive had a load of stuff going on will try nd do the tiles now

lol, same reaction as sidke
(I think)

I always liked the lyrics of this song more than the musical accompaniment, which is odd for me.

The Gary Jules version was used for gears im pretty sure, which i find worse than the original.
writing with N is so hard!!!!
nice lettering ^^
commercial for GoW? And isn't GoW's target audience like 12-17 (forget the M rating, this is the majority of people actually playing it).

alot of younger people dont know the song, including myself up until last year. and i was under the belief most people on this website were quite young....
because who /doesn't/ know the song

i was meaning who knew the song.

Sounds like song title.