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Author Terra
Tags author:terra featured jars medium rated
Created 2011-02-07
Last Modified 2011-02-07
by 9 people.
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Description I woke up this morning and ate a Philly cheesesteak. Then, had some chocolate milk and some fries.

This map was featured on 2011-11-29

Oh, the naïvety. I remember when dodging drones was tough, when rockets never left me alone, when the thwump was one of the more annoying enemies - but I thought I'd left those days behind me.

Then Terra came along.

Jars brings back such fond memories, of a time when I was innocent to the way of the ninja. When dangers I didn't know about lurked around every corner - even though I could see them.

The gold is fun to get, the tileset is cool to look at, and the objects are perfectly placed. I thank you, Terra.


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good, good, good
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this is good! Well constructed, it's got nothing outstanding, but works together better than in most maps. 4
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This is a positive comment.

got stuck here, there was probably too much going on with the thwump, but i had fun

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This is

a great map.


Welcome to NUMA!

Ignore people accusing you of multiaccounting, it's a big issue these days, but don't worry. ;) Everybody can submit their first map, even if it's not really his first map ever made.

Four. :3

nice stuff

usually im the prime "accuser" but i think you're knew so... welcome!

I liked this. Some unexpected stuff that made me think a little. :3
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Thanks RandomDigits

I'm sure Sunset had his reasons. =] I don't let things get to me like that though. I just assumed I made Sunset mad by making a map or something. And thanks for the welcome.

That said, welcome to NUMA!
See, the problem is people like Sunset like to accuse every newcommer who actually tries to submit a good first map, of not being new. It doesn't matter that that is the most ridiculous sort of nonproof ever concocted by anything, they just do it anyway. So just ignore them and they'll keep doing it anyway...

A little like seagulls or squirrels at the park circling you for any crumbs of food or something.

Just take it as a compliment... Unless they're right of course, in which case -___-
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I admitted to playing N+, but I am new to the PC version. Unless that doesn't matter. Sorry I made you mad? ;(


I don't believe it. You're not new.

you become a great mapper. :)
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Yeah damn nice first map my freind, be sure to make more :]


I played the XBL arcade one, so I know of the game. First time working with the PC one though. The area is much smaller. :[

Also, thank you everyone for the welcome and critiques!

i have a hard time believing this a brand new player, nice first map though, my demo is probably using a very slow route, but its got some close calls :]
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Cool name.

I'll play this soon.


very good for a first

Welcome to NUMA!

Please enjoy your stay> For a for first map, this is excellent. Well placed gauss. Beautiful tiles. You'll become a great author if you continue this style. 5/5
I can't say i've fell in love with the gameplay.
But the tiles, man! The tiles!

Welcome to Numa!