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Author -Jol-
Tags author:-jol- fun mine rated redeye triangle
Created 2011-02-08
Last Modified 2011-02-08
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description for numacon, hope you enjoy this map, because i love this map <3
rate and comment please ^^

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I feel the collab is ready.

I love the tileset

Faved for that in case I do a Trinary Love series.

The atmosphere was great. I do wish the laser did more, especially with the right side. All in all, 3.5^/5


Pretty good, laser doesn't do all that much.
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first try :)

not bad earnes the 4 but I'm not rating it cause it had nice tiles but the gold and the emptiness and ... well jusg nice map dude :)
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Kinda dull.

There wasn't really much here.
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slow ass agd
I love the tiles, hated the gold.
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musst du auch nicht :P

1. Awesome map
2. Kannste meine maps nechste Zeit bitte auch wieder raten :D