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Author TheNCreator
Tags author:thencreator drones flow gauss race thencreator unrated
Created 2011-02-09
Last Modified 2011-02-09
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Description Galvanism
1. Electricity . electricity, especially as produced by chemical action.

Yay! we get drones! and floorguards! lots of electric stuff!!

So my first "milestone" is ten maps. I guess its good... I've stayed with it, thanks for all and everything.

Hope you enjoy, I'll post a demo if you need one.

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too fast. :p
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very good race
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beyond amazing to say you've only made 10 maps. Maximo is right though, you should try to experiment with different aesthetic styles now ^^
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I never

send demos cause im awful but i loved this map so so much definately one of yur best for 5aved
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yay fast?
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Maximo has a point.

He means to try different tilesets.
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but look at your "recent maps" list...every single one looks identical.

Possibly try to expand your horizons, because you have good map making skills, but I think you don't really explore what you can do with a map.
I felt like it
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