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Author chaosraider
Tags author:chaosraider n-art rated
Created 2011-02-11
Last Modified 2011-02-11
by 7 people.
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me : i dunno what to write on it. ideas anyone?
_destiny^- : the meaning of life.
okay, so this is for you destiny. :D

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I thought it was Children of Dune.

I love cod.

Sadly, I hate the game.

Fish > Games.

Oh, my bad

I thought it was a 5.


one chaos :P

I play never this game too
cause I belive that's the best
alsow that my fave game!!!!


I have never played cod.

Pretty badass.

by the way, thats not a 5 after the call of duty. its the tail of the y
2 is actually the best, but nobody knows it. It's just the most enjoyable gameplay, and still has a thriving community of players on PC (which is better than xbox for FPS games anyway)

i have cod 4 and 6 :D