Digitalized Jungle

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Author TheNCreator
Tags author:thencreator featured flow hard race rated rockets timing
Created 2011-02-12
Last Modified 2011-02-12
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description the recommendations from my last map I tried doing a new tileset "theme," I dont know how different it might seem for you guys but I felt it played different and was different for timing enemies.

Hopefully you will enjoy, and comments please!!

Tileset inspired by The Matrix

This map was featured on 2012-07-08

The leaves are rectangular, the roars are 8bit and the sap drips in pixels. You can only be in the digitalized jungle.

The bit that the processor forgot, where the AI was left to do its own thing, and now you're here to tame the overgrowth. That is, if it doesn't tame you first.

Run between trees and leap from branch to branch, predators are on your heels, but you're nimble and agile. So long as there isn't an ambush you should be okay... — ChrisE

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But it's kind of cool. Races are neat sometimes but they get tedious.

i played this map,

then pooped my own butt.

that's what this map is like.

this happens sometimes too. Theres some really cool flow here though. And a nice review :D
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This happens EVERY time. :(
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What happened

here? :o
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Reminds me of Bastion.

nice one

floorguard chase was the best.

This is great

iban said all that I was going to and a little more. Except the part where your flow was excellent, and flying between the 5 tiles was exhilarating and awesomesauce.

fantastic map

because i like races and this here is one of the best i think


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The big fall on the right followed by the floor guard chasing you is the highlight of this map imo
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I gave this a four

but I think that when it comes to races, you should keep in mind that smooth flow is the most important thing to keep, and this race was a pretty jittery one. This does have some ingenious aspects of flow, but they could be executed much better.

I like how this race looks though, it is much more different from your last few. The 5 tiles make for some cool aesthetics but if it takes away from the flow it shouldn't be added.

Hidden stuff is not really cool. Don't hide trap doors under the tiles like you did in the top left, because I jumped early and missed it, thus the needed door didn't close (until I figured it out). No launchpads under bouncies, or anything under bouncies. And keep the launchpad firmly on tiles, not half on, etc. Also you should see either half the mine or all of it, not very slim bits of it in a corner. All these little things affect both gameplay and aesthetics, thus important to consider.

Hoped this helped, idk what inspired me to write this much, but I hope that at least a few things stick in your mind when you make another race. Continue race making, Numa needs it <3
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much more than old.
But I can play this map normal only then I delete some rocket turrets. 6 is too much for my lagging PC.
Gameplay is fantastic.

In my demo,

the jump made here can be a little tricky.
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I thought this one was hard to find flow, so here ya go
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