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Author Sunset
Tags author:sunset featured puzzle rated
Created 2011-02-12
Last Modified 2011-02-12
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description made whilst searching through lord_day's elaborate mapping collective.

This map was featured on 2012-09-10

Поносан Машина Компанија поклон за ваш корист едукују:

Динамички локала за које се теже послове

1. Узмите нема паузе.
2. Спавање код куће, а не на послу.
3. Посветите све време на веверицу.
4. Увек будите опрезни.
5. Поновите по потреби.

Хвала нас и молим вас да поделите са друговима. Срећно.Aidiera

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is not in English.
I liked the map enough to post my review in a foreign language.

sweet map

although I still don't know what Aidiera has to say about it...


It somehow did have a East-European-industrial-feeling to it, like walking through a rundown power station. Scary.


Demo Data
The Court concludes that the acts committed by Aidiera falling within Article II (a) and (b) of the Convention were acts of genocide, committed by Aidiera in and around NUMA from about 10 September 2012.
and I like Sunset. He was encouraging when I started Numa.
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whack review


congrats sunset

Thanks Aids! <3

This is a nice thing to wake up to on a sick day.

nice map.

my attempt at a speedrun.
could be improved a lot.
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Because It's like an old Serbian factory.

Why is this in Serbian?

muy bueno


It's like an old Serbian factory. This will be featured one day.
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Btw, gratz on your feature
I sucked massive d*** before that ;p
onfire = me

oh, my bad

thought it'll be nice to give 1 of my terrible riddles.
it's me, invalid.


subdark collab?
the jumps. Although, I find the gold a little too hard to get. Maybe make it easier to get, but harder to get in 1 run?

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great tiles, great gold. just a little too hard for me. haha

hey my friend

howz yur mapping going?
Is a map with various challenges to get the gold.
Each piece of gold is desirable and elusive.
It's crazy.
It's an interesting map. > 4

I don´t know how to send demos but I send my run in n-reality

normal map nothing special

fail by me:

i just found out (or relearned) you're seventhspirit

a gauss and cleaner gold would've made this awesome, but i still really enjoyed it, nice stuff!!
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ugh @ demo

stylisticly i kinda like it. Gameplay wise i just found it really dull and a little incohesive. Sorry. what kind of times are you usually on irc? probably not too soon but i'll get on at around then sometime for the collab thing
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