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Author Jeremoon
Tags 10 author:jeremoon n-art rated rose valentine
Created 2011-02-14
Last Modified 2011-04-23
by 14 people.
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Description happy Valentine's Day

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the lighter shades need to be lighter and the darker parts need to be darker. looks a bit too undefined, and 'cabbage-leafy'.
...ich hatte 580 Maps und hab 127 wieder veröffentlicht.
Deshalb hatte ich 707.
I want to better my object placement.
done the same way every time

happy valentines day though, 4

Looks exactly like the rose I got for my girlfriend yesterday. I'm pretty sure it looks more like a rose than it does a shell with a starfish or a cabbage so maybe you guys should just settle down. Great effort and if my oppinion mattered I say you did a really good job (: 4.5^ faved.
Just to show more detail. Still, its nice.


i doubt it really :3


i'll shut up now


looks like a shell... with a starfish... :S

yes I do
two times
the first I lose because the flash player can´t load so much objekts

this looks very two dimensional now that i pay more attention

I like this robbage.

yeah, looks likes a really nice cabbage
did you do this yourself?


It´s very nice

but red would be better I think because u cant see the rose very well