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Author TheNCreator
Tags abstract author:thencreator flow race rated rockets thencreator
Created 2011-02-14
Last Modified 2011-02-14
by 5 people.
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Description This has a tileset very different from what I normally do, so It plays different IMO. Its mad hard to get flow with these tiles...

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You can see now how changing the tilesets theme also has a bearing on the flow. Changing visual theme is an excellent way to ensure you remain varied as a racemaker - and that's more important than you think. People don't enjoy races as much when they feel like they've already played it ten times.
I'm think if you wall jump the trap doors at the bottom of the map, it'll mess up the flow. Most of the close calls are nice, especially with the first chaingun. 4/5
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I lost the flow before the switch to the door. That part can be unforgiving if not timed right because the rocket will kill you.
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Thank you

You're a far better player and mapper than I am


You're a far better race mapper than I am.

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First person to break 1000 wit AGD gets a ded
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