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Author TheNCreator
Tags author:thencreator dronenexus drones flow race timing unrated
Created 2011-02-17
Last Modified 2011-02-17
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description So I'm starting a series (I think its guna be 3) of maps that feature a "drone-nexus," I dont plan on explaining it because I think its pretty blatantly obvious...

So this is the first...instalment

tell me what you think!

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I agree

...didnt live up to my expectations
It really is ugly, espcially when your last race was so much better.

That, and the drone timing is a little off at the start. I had to slow down upon landing in the circular thing.

lol, that was a little harsh XD sorry, i was just really really annoyed

this map would work without enemies, the enemies weren't placed well at all, i did this race at least 40 times and everytime i got killed by a rocket that shot at an off time or a drone that got in the way, this race wasn't built for speed, i found it hard to enjoy

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