Avoidance Maneuvers

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Author Life247
Tags author:life247 dda rated
Created 2011-02-20
Last Modified 2011-02-20
by 14 people.
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Description I'm a bit rusty, but I hope you like this. It's only 700ish frames, but there are a few good close calls and dodges. Also, you should be looking forward to a possible collaboration betwixt myself and the world-renown, well-endowed Clifty! That is, if he says yes. *crosses fingers* Oh, and scythe and I might be making one as well. <3

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Fuckyes! Welcome back bro. I missed you. :( How've you been?

Demo Data
Because my partner -Jol-, unforetunately left me. All I want help with is just doing it in parts, like the last one me him did. Is it OK with you, or if it isn't, could you direct me towards another user that can?
but scythe and I are working on a HL/HR K2RADDA. Clifty has yet to respond.
But have you thought about doing a double, or even a triple KRADDA?
I love getting compliments. Any ideas for what my next one should be?
Heavily inspired by you. 5aved!

faved for 9 months from now when i type favorites dda into the search bar for the dronies

i'll check it out then
In this one I didn't force myself to do that (besides no gold delay), but if you peruse my other DDAs you'll see I like making DDAs within strict confines. In Unscathed [] I used only thwumps and '4/5/8' tiles with eight chainguns, and with L A S E R T A G [] I used only thwumps and '4' tiles.

And, if you don't, then I don't think I can do much more to this genre. Unless I start making NReality DDAs, which I wouldn't mind. I just don't have the smarts to work with them yet.

Also, I'm happy that this DDA was well-received. I makes me exited that I still have the ability to make good DDAs and that you all want to see them. :)

(PS: sweet run, ska)


Bring us some innovation into this tired genre.

Awesome dda
a bit short but cool

Fucking crazy.




Great dda.

Look forward for the collab with kwiftee.




run sub 400
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