Sorry about Your Chandelier

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Author TheNCreator
Tags author:thencreator floorguards flow race rated timing tnc
Created 2011-02-21
Last Modified 2011-03-10
by 11 people.
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Description It was a necessary sacrifice. I broek it to make this race.


Its all about the floor guards.

This is a Ded to Seneschal

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Agd (Fbf)

You're a really good race maker, continue your work, I'm sure your head is full with nice ideas. ^^
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NO!! D:

Really fun 5/5.
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Holy Niceness

This is really nicely put together. I like the floorguards, particularly in the top left corner. The map looks great too, and the flow is really fast and furious. It might be a bit too furious, but it gets easier as you go on, meaning that it isn't too bad dying at the beginning a couple of times.

I have a few constructive comments. The gausses behind the bouncies are unnecessary, and they are only really a threat at all if you mess up with the flow (I usually reset before dying when I go off the flow). I also think the gold could have been done slightly better, to fit the tile theme more. The gold is in good areas, but I would have placed them so the groups looked a little more uniform and so the pieces are equidistant apart from each other (as well as 2 c units away from doors and oneways, for more aesthetical purposes).

5aved, I'll find myself playing this again in the future.

Slightly faster agd

(than my previous one)
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Cool map. I liked the way the floorguards and the gausses picked you off if you were too slow. Also, the lack of mines is greatly appreciated: I never like it in races when you have to jump very precisely to avoid blowing yourself up.
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Faved for later.
This is an excellent map, I hope you do something of similar quality for project race ^^


thank you. all of you

Holy crap

what an awesome map.
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Better Demo

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really good job^^

very good

a very good race , fast , hard and something new (design) , i liked it without mines too ...
but sometimes you loose speed or miss a wall so 4/5
I liked it without. You need all your speed to get past the floorguards, so I didnt bother with it. Heres the flow, I screwed up at the beginning so faster is definitely possible
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