There's at least fifty ways to learn how to hover.

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Author The_King_in_The_North
Tags action author:the_king_in_the_north playable puzzle race-ish unrated xkcd
Created 2011-02-21
Last Modified 2011-02-21
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Well, my first attempt at a puzzle/race map.

Gameplay probably sucks, but thats what comments and constructive criticism are for.

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oh, and if your making a race, dont be afraid to make it really loopy. youve probably noticed that alot of people say that loopy is bad, but it really helps you improve :)

it wasnt too bad for a early map, but try looking at map makers like pheidippides sunset and life. they use simple ideas in their maps, and make them something amazing. start off with something simple, like a small map, and then build on it.
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Question theory

I believe there's room for improvement. The lack of difficulty adds a feeling of emptiness but more importantly, remember to research races to better equip yourself with the knowledge to grow.



its pretty bad.

thats why its not a race.
It would be horrible, just saying.
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