Diamond on a Landmine.

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Author chaosraider
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Created 2011-02-21
Last Modified 2011-02-21
by 8 people.
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Description Caverrrrn.

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great map

is the name form a song? i know one with this name from billy talent.

Pretty nice.

Aesthetically it's a bit... uhm... unconsistent? I mean, don't place mines directly over the tiles, like you did here:

Otherwise, solid map. 4.

Looks really cool

I will play it tomorrow ;)


Demo Data

Cool gold.


Really liked the gold flow and rocket effectiveness. Drone part is relaxative.

AGD (sucked at the ending) :
Demo Data


Demo Data

This is spectecular. A firework of fun and aesthetics. The tiles are wonderfull and the Idea awesome. The drone and the rocket are challenging too. And then the great use of the traps. Everything here is challanging and cool. This should be featured.

cool title